Haha, so funny and original

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2021.12.05 10:45 DeletusThouFetus Haha, so funny and original

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2021.12.05 10:45 sola_granola How to Prevent Mass Shootings - Martin ftw

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2021.12.05 10:45 BeansproutdWanderer What is your subconscious body language/habit whenever you’re nervous or just avoiding confrontation?

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2021.12.05 10:45 shinney The rules of chess.

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2021.12.05 10:45 Main_Strawberry_9401 Meike Tosi Sohlen ?

Gestern meinte ein Fuß Fetisch Kollege Meike Tosi war Barfuß im Bett zu sehen. Man konnte die Sohlen durchgehend betrachten ??? Verdammt wie konnte ich das verpassen hat die Videos jemand. Ich liebe ihre Füße und Sohlen
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2021.12.05 10:45 AltruisticTension217 Morality training

We all know the medical reasons for circumcision are worthless. If someone was to mutilate their own child for NON-medical reasons, what would those be like?
For instance, a Mutilated father could want his son Mutilated too so that they aren't alone. We need to shore-up these evil reasons for Mutilation. People are more likely to be evil if others are complacent.
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2021.12.05 10:45 DelawareJC How you hold your tokens matters. CEX vs DEX

I’ve been immersed in stocks and crypto for the last year and I believe something very interesting to be true.
It is a fact that unless you DRS your stock shares, that your brokerage can lend out your shares to institutions. Thus you never really own your shares and they can be used against the said price 10x plus.
I believe the same to be true when you hold your coins on a CEX (Coinbase, Binance) as opposed to your own personal wallet DEX.
It is no surprise the amount of manipulation that occurs in the stock market and crypto market. Algorithms rule the common person’s mind to buy and sell at the wrong time.
My thoughts here and open to discussion please are if Jasmy holders in droves take their coins off of CEX and put them in DEX, we can win this war on manipulation. I’ve moved all my coins away from Coinbase and store them off exchange personally. I’m not selling anytime soon, I may as well “own” my coins.
Thoughts? Don’t believe me, you’ll see this play out with the one and only “idiosyncratic” stock that everyone either loves or hates very soon.
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2021.12.05 10:45 10XEngine Look Back Then Look Ahead

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2021.12.05 10:45 Sea_Acanthisitta71 Developing tech knowledge

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2021.12.05 10:45 seawub If you were allowed to know the exact number of people in the world, in your state, or in your city that were willing to have sex with you, but you wouldn't be told who it was would you want to know the number?

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2021.12.05 10:45 shinney Horse Metal

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2021.12.05 10:45 Professional-Roll158 Secrets of the pacific, 5 rounds with clan member

I'm trying to complete the secrets of the pacific event
I'm on the 5th assignment. Play 5 rounds with clan member. My question is does it have to be with the same clan member 5 times. I struggled to understand the whole clan thing and finally got into one, played with random person for awhile but they were disconnected from server. We played 3/5 rounds together but when I play with anyone else in clan it doesn't count? So does it have to be with the same person 5 times?
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2021.12.05 10:45 amir-mmd Comparison meaning

"Do people experience themselves the same way all the time, or does their experience of themselves depend on what social COMPARISON is evoked in different contexts?"
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2021.12.05 10:45 coolalt69 neighborhood walk, Philippine edition

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2021.12.05 10:45 axl_tha_fallen hmmm

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2021.12.05 10:45 Menez [NOOB Question] What battery for my forester 2005 2.5XT SG9 Manual

My battery has died sadly. It only shows 8.5 volts on the multimeter. It seems it's important to get the right dimensions.
I had mesured mine and it's :

Does anyone know the OEM number for this battery?
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2021.12.05 10:45 A-Sneaky-Prawn [PS4] H:Fixers W:Caps. Flux. Junk need them gone

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2021.12.05 10:45 JD66613 Is it possible to restretch after a full ear tear + sewn up earlobe?

Hi! I’m actually asking for a friend- I swear lol- but she tore hear earlobe stretching her ears badly. She had it stitched back together at the bottom, and it’s been about 10 years- but she’s now too scared to restretch again.
Is it possible? The scar is still visible and she’s scared it’ll retear. Thank you!
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2021.12.05 10:45 BeepBoopBip2 I like explosions and I like pixel art so, yeah

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2021.12.05 10:45 EliteGaming_SC 202.8 Hours...

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2021.12.05 10:45 DonBongJohn Does the B450 Strix support PBO2 on Ryzen 5000?

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2021.12.05 10:45 zachparker7 ADA Daily Price Update

Daily ADA Price Update:
The current price of Cardano is $1.38. Cardano's price is up 1.23% in the past 24 hours and down -8.14% over the past 7 days.
The current market cap of Cardano is $62,083,965,692.87.
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2021.12.05 10:45 rescramble Met a friend after 9 years

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2021.12.05 10:45 Jisangforyou I actually don't know about this one 🤨

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2021.12.05 10:45 West_Emergency_2714 Dream and his fans are the worst people

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